Payrolling Services

Staffing Solutions Enterprises (SSE) works with many businesses who have chosen not to bring on employees as a company hire, but rather "payroll" their employee through us. That means that SSE is the employer of record and manages all the payroll expenses such as taxes, unemployment, health insurance, and worker's compensation.

Payrolling works well for:

  • Adding on additional personnel when you aren't able to make additions to payroll
  • Projects with specified time frames, but it doesn't make sense to add employees on as permanent employees
  • Continuing to utilize the valuable skills of your employees while they remain on our payroll as an alternative to downsizing


SSE Payrolling Services are easy to implement. SSE will contact potential payroll individuals, introduce the service, and manage the application and other requirements. The individual is then brought on as an employee of SSE and assigned to the requesting company.

For pricing, or additional information, contact:

Blake Babcock, Director of Client Engagement, at 440.684.7219 or

Ann Richardson, Director of Staffing Services, at 440.684.7212 or

For a printable flyer of our Payrolling services, click here.