Interview Tips for IT Jobs

Information Technology is one of the fastest growing industries for job opportunities. Yes, you absolutely have to have the technical skills to succeed in this industry, however, don't forget the importance of soft skills throughout the interview and job application process.  Here are some top interview tips for IT jobs:

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  • Always be prepared for a behavioral and technical based interview.
  • View profiles of hiring manager(s) on LinkedIn. Did you attend the same college? Work at the same company? You are looking for “similarities” NOT sending a request.
  • Do NOT discuss salary because you don’t want to box yourself into a number. First goal is the interview & second goal is an offer. Salary discussions take place after an offer.
  • Spend some time viewing the company’s website.
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  • Do NOT disclose anything about your personal life.
  • When answering questions; provide two examples & keep your responses under 2 minutes. Providing two examples keeps you on task responding to a question and prevents you from randomly talking . Silence is good so please don’t feel uncomfortable & start talking.
  • All responses need to be positive. NO negative talk OR responding you don’t have a certain skill. Be sure to answer a negative question with a positive response.
    • Example: "What’s a weakness of yours?" Positive response: "I use to have trouble with time management. However; I’ve learned to use my Outlook Calendar which keeps me on task."
  • At the end of the interview be sure you have a solid understanding of the position. Be sure to ask a couple questions. Examples: "How long have you been with this company? What do you like about working here?" Asking 1-2 questions shows interest in the position.
  • Very last question to ask, "Is there anything that we’ve discussed today that concerns you about my ability to perform this job?" Feel confident when asking this question. This question allows a manager to address a concern or clarify a skill. This question also allows you to know whether or not the hiring manager thinks you’re a good candidate for the job.
  • At the end of the interview; if you’re interested in this position; tell the hiring manager you’re interested in taking the next step. Thank the hiring manager for their time.

Cadie Forrester - Staffing Solutions EnterprisesAbout: Cadie Forrester has extensive experience as an IT Recruiter and enjoys working with talented IT professionals in the Cleveland area. I understand that a career move can be exciting but that such choices must be made with a long term vision in mind. I'm experienced in helping candidates take that next step in reaching their career goals.

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