Diverse Workplace Strategies Allow Women to Excel

Many organizations struggle with retaining top talent and fail to provide the resources employees need to succeed. Whether it's an inflexible work policy, an "old boy's club" mentality, or lack of creative solutions to meet each employee's unique needs, high-turnover and unhappy employees can have a negative impact on your business and brand.

Staffing Solutions Enterprises has been implementing employee-friendly practices for over 40 years and recently received recognition for two prestigious regional awards for its successful workplace. The company was awarded the 2015 Women Who Excel Progressive Organization of the Year Award by Smart Business and the 2015 Commission 50 by Greater Cleveland Partnership, Diversity and Inclusion.


Workplace Strategies for Success

As a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise, Staffing Solutions Enterprises has been advocating women’s professional development since 1974. Over the past few decades, work-flex has emerged as a key strategy to help our predominately female staff succeed in the workplace, and tend to family responsibilities.

On April 22, 2015 Staffing Solutions Enterprises was recognized for their successful women's professional development initiatives and received the 2015 Women Who Excel Progressive Organization of the Year Award by Smart Business.

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Check out the Channel 19 News recap video in which Staffing Solutions Enterprises received the Progressive Organization of the Year Award.

It's Not One Size Fits All

We foster women’s professional development and work-life balance by tailoring solutions according to employees’ needs during each career phase.  By providing work-life balance solutions such as telecommuting, phased retirement, part-time work, and adjustable hours, our employees are able to succeed in and outside the workplace. Additionally, staff members are encouraged and allowed the opportunity to attend networking and partner events, training support for career development, volunteer opportunities in the community and additional professional seminars. All-too-often, managers are challenged with balancing life's opposing needs, and as a result, put aside the chance to engage with their peers and form long-lasting connections, and even friendships. By promoting community engagement, professional development, teamwork and networking, each generation in the workplace has the resources and support to succeed.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Every day we utilize our knowledge of successful workplace practices to help our clients build their own great workplaces. We provide creative and innovative solutions that best meet our clients’ needs. Staffing Solutions Enterprises was recently recognized for these diverse strategies as an honoree of the 2015 Commission 50 by Greater Cleveland Partnership, Diversity and Inclusion. Members of the Commission 50 are recognized annually for progress in creating, enhancing and sustaining their diversity and inclusion strategies.


Staffing Solutions Enterprises continues to support its employees and clients so we can create thriving, flexible, and inclusive workplaces and better the Northeast Ohio economy.


2014 Jessica Morris headshotAbout: Jessica Morris, Marketing Manager, has over six years of experience in marketing and event planning in Cleveland. Jessica joined the team at Staffing Solutions Enterprises in May of 2012 to oversee the company’s marketing, branding, and social media initiatives. Her supportive workplace has also allowed her to expand her networking by serving on the Marketing Committee for social media at Engage! Cleveland.  She also serves on the Events Committee of YP Pantry, Greater Cleveland Food Bank and is a Core Council Member.  She is the recipient of the 2014 Top 25 Under 35 Movers and Shakers Award by the Cleveland Professional 20/30 Club, and was a finalist for the 2013 Cleveland Connectors Choice Networking Rising Star of the Year by CBC Magazine. 

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