2018 Executive HR Women’s Network Summer Social

This year's Executive HR Women's Network Summer Social couldn't have asked for a better crowd or predicted better weather.  The Cleveland Lakeside Yacht Club provided the perfect backdrop for the gathering of over 40 women for an after-work soiree. Familiar faces greeted newcomers to the group, and conversations and laughter spilled over from all corners of the pier. The event took place on the yacht club's  covered deck overlooking the harbor and the downtown skyline. The rain clouds that lined Cleveland's skies for the entire week before, parted, and revealed the perfect setting sun and pleasant weather. WOW. We really lucked out!

"I spent the day off-site in Indiana," one member of the group said", "and I told my team I needed to make it back to Cleveland to try to make it to the social!"

Another woman mentioned this was her first event, and being new to Cleveland, this provided a great introduction to new contacts in the HR world.

Connections could be seen from all different angles. Some women worked together in the past at the same organizations... others shared a common industry. Some conversations were related to workplace situations and comparing notes on how to handle challenges, other conversations were updates on children, and sharing photographs of family vacations and weddings.

"I look forward to this event every year," a woman said on her way out.


We all do too!


---Lina Berzinskas, Marketing Manager

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