A Letter from our Founder

A Letter from our Founder, Carmella Calta

July 1, 2019

Today is a day for us to celebrate:  Staffing Solutions’ 45th Anniversary!

A typical message on a momentous day like today would be one that outlines business successes and shares specific plans for future growth.  Although there is much to share on both topics, today I’d prefer to reflect on the past and share the “secret” to our success:  how we’ve touched each other’s lives, the role each played, and how we’ve all approached our relationship with integrity and mutual respect.

At Staffing Solutions we have created a business model that values each stakeholder equally with a focus on developing the “right” solution for every interaction.  Staff, candidates seeking opportunity, employers searching for talent, and suppliers supporting different aspects of our business, all contribute to our success.  In fact, the “secret” is that our success is reliant on people and partnerships!

Staff are bridge builders who continually make connections, sometimes within hours of identifying a need or opportunity.  I often think of them as magicians.  Imagine investing time to fully understand an employer’s business, probing to define the expectations for a specific role, then matching a candidate who was interviewed in the past for our talent pools.  How is it possible to recruit days and weeks before an opportunity arises and make the perfect match within hours?  Magic…and an unwavering commitment to meeting the goals of the candidates and the employers.


Candidates seek opportunities for various reasons.  The constant is the desire to find a position that better suits their current situation.  Understanding that desire and the importance of our role in supporting achievement of their personal and professional objectives is critical to the candidate’s continued happiness and wellbeing.  We are committed to ensuring that happens.


Employers tell us that one of the top three concerns they lose sleep over is finding talent for roles that are essential to the success of their organizations.  Our employers place their trust in our ability to match candidates to their requirements and placing talent on time and on budget.  Maintaining that trust is our mission.


A network of outstanding professionals, our financial, compliance, consultants, and suppliers of various services and products, share our high standards.  It takes a lot of support to run a business like ours and we are fortunate to have long standing partnerships.


It is no secret that our success is based on the relationships with the groups mentioned above.  Our goal has always been to touch others’ lives in a way that they feel seen, heard, understood and appreciated.  This model has undeniably contributed to our success and we are confident that it will serve us well into the future.


Thank you for helping make Staffing Solutions Enterprises a wonderful company.  Tomorrow we begin our next 45 and look forward to the future with great anticipation.  We can’t wait to share our journey with you!


Carmella Calta, CEO