NorthCoast 99 Awards Celebrate the Top Companies

NorthCoast 99...It's not JUST Another Event!

Written by SueAnn Naso, President of Staffing Solutions Enterprises 


I’m not sure how many of you have had an opportunity to work for a NorthCoast 99 winning company, have sponsored this wonderful event, or have had the pleasure of being an attendee, but I must say it is THE event of the year.

I’m very proud to call ourselves a “founding sponsor” of NorthCoast 99. ERC first came to us 15 years ago with the idea of recognizing the top 99 workplaces in Northeast Ohio. We thought it was a wonderful idea and we’ve been on board ever since.

NorthCoast 99 Awards

Each year I attend this event, I have the opportunity to network and meet new and multi-year winners. I’m always impressed to see the true pride these people have in their organizations and the fact they’ve been selected to receive this award. Truly, no one seems to take it for granted. They all seem to realize it takes hard work, dedication, and creativity in how they run their workplaces to be selected as a NorthCoast 99 winner.

It amazes me how year after year ERC manages to dazzle us with creative entertainment, inspirational speakers, and other talented individuals. This year’s key note speaker, Drew Dudley, presented a very inspirational message centered around leadership. It was not the typical “here’s what makes a good leader” type of talk that you hear from what I consider more “traditional” leadership speakers.


Leadership is a State of Mind, a Fundamental Decision You Make Every Day to Impact Someone’s Life in a Positive Way.

Drew focused on recognizing personal leadership in our lives, both professional and personal. He talked about taking a moment to recognize those in our lives who’ve shown us leadership and to appreciate the times when we’ve been a leader to someone else without necessarily recognizing it.

I think this was a defining moment for me in realizing leadership is not a title or a role you have within your company. Moving up the corporate ladder and  increasing your number of direct reports doesn’t define leadership. You don’t have to compare yourself to an Icon like Bill Gates, Donald Trump, or a high ranking political figure to measure if you are a true leader.


Drew's Challenge...We Challenge You to Join!

Drew challenged us to ban the word “just” from our vocabulary. I’m “just” a receptionist, I’m “just” a front-line manager, I’m “just” the head of a local small business. None of us are “just” anything. We all have an opportunity to lead and make a difference in people‘s lives, let’s embrace that, feel good about it, and celebrate our successes as leaders every day.



SueAnn NasoAbout: SueAnn Naso has served as President of Staffing Solutions Enterprises since 2009. She joined Staffing Solutions in 1992 and has been instrumental in leading business expansion and development of exceptional recruitment service and sales teams. In addition to developing sales and service operations, she spearheaded the introduction of leading technology based Managed Staffing Services Recruitment Process Outsourced Solutions.Throughout her tenure she has championed for work-life balance amongst employees and received the prestigious nationally recognized Alfred P. Sloan Award for effective and flexible workplaces in 2012, 2013 and 2014. She has also been recognized as 2013 Woman of Note and 2014 Women Who Excel Finalist. Under her leadership, the company has won the Smart Business World Class Customer Service Award in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013.


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