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Who is InterviewPath for?

  • Hiring managers who rely on Google for interview questions 
  • Anyone struggling with inadequate structure and consistency during interview
  • Companies who are tired of pricey, cumbersome, non-customizable interview guides 

Benefits of InterviewPath

  • Developed by top-level HR professionals with a collective experience of almost 100 years. 
  • Generates competency-specific, situational-based questions that elicit meaningful responses.
  • Encompasses over 60 competencies and more than 1,100 situational-based questions.
Check out our other services

To ensure we add value to our customers, we take the time to completely understand your culture, job requirements, and ideal candidate profile.  By doing this we reduce the amount of time you spend interviewing candidates and measure our success on a 3 to 1 candidate submission to hire ratio.

At Staffing Solutions Enterprises, we take time to learn about your organization and specific requirements so that we can match you with the best talent to suit your needs. Whether you have a two-week project or an indefinite need, we ensure the person we connect you with is someone who can complete the assignment on time and within budget.

Recruitment process outsourcing provides the entire practice of administering, finding, hiring and retaining top talent for your organization. Our RPO services are typically used to support multiple hires during periods of expansion, seasonal needs or as an alternative to hiring full-time recruiting staff. 

InterviewPath is a new, easy to navigate, cloud-based software program that greatly improves the interview experience for both the candidate and the company.

Staffing Solutions Enterprises (SSE) works with many businesses who have chosen not to bring on employees as a company hire, but rather “payroll” their employee through us.