Client Experience

2020 Client Satisfaction Survey

Staffing Solutions Enterprises (SSE) works hard to provide a WOW experience with every interaction with both our clients and employees. Each year we ask our clients for their honest feedback regarding our services to ensure we are meeting their expectations. The survey is structured to not only gauge client satisfaction but to identify areas where we can improve our performance.

Earlier this year we focused on elevating our culture by establishing our Fundamentals of Success and integrating them into our daily interactions. We look to incorporate these behaviors into areas of continuous improvement.

In a comparison between 2019 and 2020, SSE netted higher satisfaction ratings from our clients on every single question.  Some of the highlights include 98% of client respondents indicating they are likely/very likely to recommend SSE to a friend, relative or colleague; an overall satisfaction rating of 93 out of 100; 100% of clients felt their SSE representative was helpful, courteous, and responsive; and a rating of 90% for how well SSE is able to anticipate the needs of our clients. Thank you so much to all who responded and shared their experience with us. You can view the full report by clicking here.

While we are delighted with the results, we know we need to continue to be “Relentless About Improvement.” Focusing on the following fundamental behaviors, which are intrinsically tied into two of our guiding principles, “Build Meaningful Relationships” and “Carry Out Exceptional Work,” will help guide future positive results:

  • Get Personal
  • Practice Blameless Problem Solving
  • Be Authentic
  • Do Something Unexpected
  • Be An Active Listener
  • Make A Difference Everyday
  • Have A Sense Of Urgency
  • Honor Commitments

Being relentless about our improvement ensures we will be a better organization than we were yesterday. Relying on the long-term compound effect of those results to provide bigger and better outcomes as an organization will, in turn, provide more value to our clients.

client survey highlights