Take a phone interview seriously and be as prepared as you would be for an in-person interview.  The phone interview is the first step to getting an in-person interview.

Check out these top 10 phone interview tips to help you land
that in-person interview:


  1. Notify others at your home (if applicable)  that you will be on a phone interview.
  2. Find a quiet location with NO background noise.  Be respectful of the interviewer’s time.
  3. Be prepared about the company – review the job description, company website, and jot down a few talking points to  reference.
  4. Be prepared to explain your transition from job to job – the interviewer will want to know why you left your other positions.
  5. Be prepared to explain why you are looking for a new job  – challenges, career goals, new opportunity.
  6. Make sure to show your personality, self-confidence, and strengths over the phone.  Your response to questions, your voice and enthusiasm are an important part of the phone interview.
    phone interview tips
  7. Be prepared with questions about the position and the company.  Show interest and give examples of how your background and experience are a good fit.
  8. Wrap up the call by thanking the interviewer for their time.
  9. Ask about the next step.
  10. Don’t hang up without letting the interview know how excited you are about the job and you look forward to hearing back them soon.


A phone interview is an important part of the recruitment process.  It allows the interviewer to determine if you are qualified enough for an in-person interview.  Be prepared and remember  — your voice, tone, and enthusiasm play a huge part in a successful phone interview!


Lisa Satonick Staffing Solutions EnterprisesAbout: Lisa Satonick
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