The Impact of Social Media on Your Career

There is no question that social media has become a huge part of most of our lives today. The global world is literally at our fingertips. Just about everyone you know is on Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn. Social media is a great way to stay connected to your friends and family and at the same time can be an excellent networking tool. At the same time, if you utilize social media the wrong way it can have a negative impact on your career. Hiring managers are utilizing social media more than ever to screen prospective employees. This means that whatever you have on a social media site could be looked at by a potential employer.

Here are 10 do’s and don’ts for any social media sites that can impact your career:

  1. Don’t post anything that could possibly embarrass you in the future.
  2. Before you make a status update or tweet, think about what your boss would think if he or she read it.
  3. Don’t lie about your qualifications on a site.
  4. Don’t post inappropriate photos, inappropriate comments or negative comments about a current or previous employer. 

    negative social media 

  5. Don’t demonstrate poor written communication skills.
  6. Don’t make discriminatory comments.
  7. Don’t post comments about drugs and drinking.
  8. Do keep your social media sites professional.
  9. Do keep your profiles updated so potential employers can contact you easily and quickly. 
  10. You can certainly privatize your profile, but it is actually better to make certain areas accessible to the public.


Social media can be a powerful tool for networking. Network with your coworkers and add them to social sites. Twitter is a great way to follow important leaders in your field and keep up with the most up to date information. You can follow companies that you may be interested in working for. LinkedIn is a powerful resource to showcase your professional achievements and make connections with other industry professionals. Social media is bigger than ever and continues to grow daily. This is a tool that can help you land a job or help get you fired – it all depends how you use it.


Kathi WarnWritten by Kathi Warn | Workforce Manager, StaffMatrix On-Site Services