The benefits of working contract jobs are directly related to your personal goals.

Here are 10 common reasons why people choose temp work and contract employment to fit their lifestyle:

  1. To gain work experience in a chosen field.
  2. To qualify for higher paying job opportunities.
  3. To gain experience re-entering the workforce.
  4. To use as a stepping stone into a new field or to learn a new skill.
  5. To provide an income while looking for a new job.
  6. To supplement income for immediate or future needs.
  7. Do not have time for time consuming job search.
  8. To supplement retirement income.
  9. Flexible temp work during summer vacations.
  10. Flexible temp work while raising family or caring for parents.

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We’re committed to building a long-term working relationship with you. We provide one of the most comprehensive benefits packages in the industry. In addition to achieving their personal goals, qualified employees enjoy:

  • Quick, efficient access to hundreds of contract jobs and contact to hire jobs, in a wide range of industries and skill sets.
  • Great benefits packages (holiday & vacation pay, savings plans, direct deposit, 401k plan, health insurance)
  • Discounts to local events, products and services.
  • Opportunity to qualify for our Assignment Employee WOW recognition program.
  • Connections with Northeast Ohio’s top workplaces.
  • Monthly employee and job seeker newsletter featuring contract employment opportunities, important notifications, job-seeker tips and advice.