Things to Consider When Outsourcing Your Recruitment Process

Is your company looking to hire a RPO (Recruitment Process Outsource)? During the RPO hiring process, the questions you ask and the answers you receive are extremely important. You need to clearly state your needs and look past scripted answers in order to find an RPO that will fit your hiring needs.

Here are some things to consider during your RPO hiring process.


What Problem are you Trying to Solve?

The first thing to do is to gain a clear understanding of what role you anticipate the RPO will have. Do you need a short-term rescue to help cover a hiring surge or a long-term partner who will collaborate on a multi-generational plan with your team?


What is your Management Style?

As you explore your needs, examine your company’s management style. Is it command and control? Or team-driven? You want a RPO solution that can adapt to and integrate with your management style.



Evaluate the RPO

Deciding these factors will also help you determine the level of services you need. Do you only need screening? Screening and sourcing? Or all seven steps of recruitment and hiring?

As you evaluate RPO firms, here are some key questions to explore:

  1. Do you want a vendor or a partner?
  2. Does the RPO seem as if they will fit your culture? 
  3. Is the RPO the right size
  4. Do they have experts for your hiring initiatives?
  5. Are they transparent?
  6. How will they ensure that performance expectations are met?

These questions will help guide you to a successful partnership. As you spend time getting to know the RPO staff, confirm responses to your questions throughout the firm from various people.

A RPO firm that is right for your company will provide solutions (not problems!) and will come with an attitude of service, dedication to your success, and respect for your time and processes.



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Written by Beth Warholy, Manager of Recruitment Services at Staffing Solutions Enterprises