Contract Workforce Optimization

Since 2000, we have had a proven track record of contract workforce optimization services, from vendor management services, to managed staffing services provider, to contract workforce optimization,  our service line has evolved to fit client’s needs.

Contract Workforce Optimization Services:

  • Highly experienced on-site Workforce Manager
  • National business partner network to supply talent
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) methodology
  • Proprietary VMS technology enables workflow automation and hard cost savings

Deliverables for our clients include:

  • Contract Workforce Performance Improvement through planning, just-in-time staffing, performance measurement, and the control of staffing levels.
  • On Time Talent Acquisition that supports business goals, creates visibility in the staffing process across the entire contract workforce, and the management of the entire supplier community.
  • Significant Measurable Cost Savings by establishing standardized contracts and rates, consolidated invoicing and payment, reducing contract employment risks and liabilities, controlling headcount and providing high level management reports used for workforce planning.


Our solution has proven equally effective for large and small organizations.  Contact us for online consultation and learn how our managed staffing services and contract workforce optimization solutions can be customized to meet your specific needs. For current StaffMatrix clients, log-in here.