Permanent Team Recruitment Solutions: RecruitLink

Staffing Solutions’ RecruitLink service brings the skills and know-how of both internal corporate staff recruiting and the talents of professional external recruiters. Our team of recruiting and HR experts conduct thorough assessments and screenings to match candidates and client workplaces. We help clients through every phase of the recruitment cycle, from identifying great candidates, to providing advanced HR technology for on-boarding and employee reviews.  Our personalized approach allows us to customize the recruitment process to fit your exact company needs.

RecruitLink begins with a comprehensive needs assessment and detailed review of your staffing process. From this pre-recruitment assessment, a customized, cost-effective solution is developed specific to your individual needs. The solution defines required augmentation of client recruitment staff and system resources to meet the unique needs of each client. Those needs have included the following:

  • Key management and professional staff requirements.
  • Seasonal holiday and peak period staffing.
  • Industry specific professionals and staff for major projects.
  • IT project staffing.
  • Organization wide growth period demand for personnel.
  • Total outsource of all or a portion of ongoing recruitment.

We customize our professional recruitment process and direct placement services by integrating them with your internal processes bringing a distinct solution to your assignment. RecruitLink consistently delivers exceptional recruitment results for small and large clients. Our success stories include Retail Distribution, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Insurance and Technology organizations. Whether it is staffing for a new location, seasonal hiring contract jobs, expansion, major projects, or a single key hire, the RecruitLink solution delivers exceptional results.

Some of the established processes we offer that can be tailored to your organization’s unique needs are:

Our clients aren’t looking to just fill a position, they want to add a team member— someone who wants to be part of the company culture and contribute to the company’s overall mission and values. We have a 40+ year history of successfully helping organizations recruit, select talent and achieve their hiring goals in:

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