Career Transitions:  Why Use a Staffing Company to Aid in Your Job Search?


Many job seekers overlook the opportunity to work with a reputable staffing agency as they search for their next great career opportunity.  Job seekers may find themselves asking, “What can a staffing agency do for me?”  Here are just a few benefits of working with a staffing agency.

We have hundreds of contacts.

You’ve probably often heard that “who you know” is a large part of any job search. Our networks extend to corporate contacts that you may not have access to through your personal networking from professional relationships that we’ve cultivated for years.  We can get your resume into the right hands.


We have access to unpublicized job openings.

Organizations conducting confidential job searches will often reach out to staffing agencies to fill these roles and keep the search with a 3rd party and “away” from the organization itself.


We’re experts on the current job market, companies, and trends.

It’s our job to stay “in the know” about our clients and their industries.  We have all of the information to provide you on things like the demand for candidates with your expertise, current salary ranges, hiring trends, and more!


We can offer you tips on your resume and market your talent.

Staffing agencies want to present their candidates in the best light possible.  As such, we can offer you tips on making your resume stand out amongst the crowd, offer interview advice, and even market your skill set to clients who may not have a current opening.


We can offer a variety of opportunities.

Our clients have all sorts of staffing needs:  Contract/temporary assignments ranging from a few days to weeks or even months, contract to hire assignments, and many also have direct hire opportunities. Temporary or temporary to hire assignments can offer you income while you conduct your job search, and allow you to “test drive” a new career or employer, network and meet professionals who may influence your job search, as well as build upon your resume and experiences.  You’ve often heard hiring managers ask about your “gaps” in employment.  You will fare far better in the interview if you have completed volunteer work or contract assignments while in between jobs or during a career transition rather than explaining how you kept your skills sharp while being unemployed.


How do you get started with a staffing agency?

You first need to find the right one for you.  Is it a good fit?


My best advice is to ask questions:  How long has the agency been in business? Who are their current clients? Where are the clients located? What types of positions do they staff?  What industry expertise can they provide? What is their process for being considered for assignments? How do they prefer to communicate with you?  How often would you expect to hear about assignments?


Whether you’re looking to switch careers or looking for a new employer, job seeking is often a stressful time.  Considering using a staffing agency is one way to help ease the anxiety during your career transition.



Rachel Creasy Staffing Solutions EnterprisesAbout: Rachel Creasy is a talent acquisition and account management professional providing tailored HR and recruitment solutions to assist an extensive roster of clients and a variety of on-demand recruiting needs. Rachel’s education and professional experiences have paved the way to offer her clients expertise in addressing corporate HR issues including recruiting, onboarding, on-going employee relations, turnover, and vendor and contract management. Rachel’s passion is talent development and ensuring that the right candidate is matched with the right career opportunity.  Understanding not just the professional goals, but also the personal goals of the job seekers she works with is what truly allows her clients and her candidates to succeed.  Rachel holds a Bachelor’s degree from Marietta College in Political Science and Business Management and a Master of Labor Relations and Human Resources from Cleveland State University.